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 Commanders of Chaos [CoC]

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PostSubject: Commanders of Chaos [CoC]   Commanders of Chaos [CoC] I_icon_minitimeWed May 06, 2009 9:18 am

Please allow me to introduce you to CoC (Commanders of Chaos)...

The Guild
CoC was formed in mid-December, 2005 by the courageous Quebecer, Lt. Delta. Shortly after, KNuTS, one of or fearless leaders joined up. Since then we haven't looked back. I myself joined in early January 2006 and felt at home right away. I think my first experience with the guild was a UW run (the early days). I remember laughing my ass off at Tia (no longer with us) trying to Barrage the Smites, who had Shield of Judgment up. From then on it was golden.

We're an extremely helpful bunch of guys/gals and we do our best to help each other out. The guild feels a little like an online family. So much so that about 5 of the members actually traveled some distance last summer to meet in New Orleans for a few days (sadly I had to miss the momentous occasion).

The People
It's the people that make our Guild special. There are about 5-10 of us that are really active (on most nights) and another 10 that do their best to pop on when they can. In our heyday, we were a really busy group, but with the game winding down (or up) to GW II, activity has diminished slightly. Our active members are of an average age of 15+, with a few younger members to keep us old farts honest. Most of us are in the Eastern through Pacific time zones of North America, with one member who has moved back to the Middle East.

Our current Guild Leader - KNuTS - is a Necromancer extraordinaire! Need a build/skill/advice - he'll be there. He's also got more luck than a box of horseshoes.

Dracyal (Drac) is another resident Necro, who dabbles in the other arts too (Eles, Warriors, etc.). Drac it ALWAYS around for a quick PC or advice and is never far away if you need a hand.

Lt. Delta, one of our resident "frenchies" (as we call them, lovingly of course) - is a title hound... and a boozehound if memory serves. Yes our Guild Hall does smell of mahogany when he comes around. He is also Mr. Warrior (and Mr. Aggro... depending on how you're doing at that point).

The Da Vinci Code (Da Vinci) is our monk-master and seems to be addicted to titles too. If he's not clearing a zone, he's working on getting another character through GWEN. He also has more luck with green drops than anyone I've ever seen.

I'd like to talk about myself, but I think that'd be a little... what's the word... pompous, so I won't. Lemme just say my Ele is my main and I love him ever so much.

We have many more members that are quite active and helpful... from Takara (Tak) to Cheeses (Sandi) to Trap. Each person with their own personality and experience to add to the game.

What we do
If you were to ask me what our Ethos is (I think that's what Kanna said), I'd have to pause for a moment, type it in on, comprehend the meaning and then respond... we're a VERY laid back group of friends who really like playing GW together. We're always ready to help a fellow guildie out and make a joke about Master Togo or Shiro (don't ask... but a night on TS would explain all).

We are just about entirely a PvE guild. Although AB and HA have been known to happen from time to time (usually by accident). Some of our favourite haunts are the UW (usually good for a barrel of laughs), various dungeons in GWEN and the DoA.

We've got a small TeamSpeak server (which I pay for out of the goodness of my heart, oh and my credit card... no you can't have the number), where we regularly meet to cause trouble... I mean talk strategy.

Well, my fingers are tired, so I think I'm going to end this now. I hope you've had a little glimpse into the guild that is CoC. If you want to get to know us a bit better, drop me a line in-game one day (The Beano) and we'll get you set up on TS***


The Beano.

***DISCLAIMER - we're not responsible for any injuries that result from excessive laughing, groaning or rolling of eyes while on the CoC TeamSpeak server. Any resemblance to reality whilst on the server is obviously a coincidence. You have been warned!***
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Commanders of Chaos [CoC]
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