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PostSubject: MuTants [MU]   MuTants [MU] I_icon_minitimeMon May 11, 2009 10:42 am

Hey all, I would like to introduce you guys to [MU], a guild that's been around for over 5 years (before GW was ou)

Over the years, MU became more that just a guild. Sharing a mutual love of the game, members became friends, despite hailing from all around the world. Many have taken the time to visit each other in real life. MU members from Belgium and Holland have met members from England, Sweden, Portugal, and Argentina.

The youngest guild member is a 15-year-old, while the oldest guild member is 54-ish. The average age in MU is around 25, though age isn't the most important part of fitting in to the guild. Attitude, on the other hand, is crucial. The right attitude goes a long way to impressing members of MU, regardless of age, nationality, or skill level.

Most MU members focus on PvE. However, they prefer to devote themselves to the hard missions and challenging PvE areas. The officers set out to provide a mature gaming environment, where humor is a vital part. The more MU party members in a group and the longer the mission lasts, the more fun they have. That's why MU enjoys the elite missions like Urgoz Warren, the Underworld, and the Fissure of Woe the most.

As long as members have quality game-play time together and a good laugh once in a while, they don't care if they fail to complete a mission. A lot of members play several hours a day in high end areas, so many of them have Protector titles, Elite Skill Capture titles, Treasure Hunter titles, and Fissure of Woe armor.

MU has created an online home for about 70 gamers. You don't have to look any farther than their names to see proof of their devotion; many of the members voluntarily included the name "Mutant" when choosing a name for their characters.

Some of our members are less active atm, waiting for GW2 to be released. In mean time they do keep in contact through our privat forum. Sometimes some of us try out different games (beta's) but no game is as appealing as GW is...

Hope to see lots of you guys around ;-)
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MuTants [MU]
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